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How to contribute code to TinyOS

We welcome code contributions to the TinyOS source code base and have tried to make contributing code as easy as possible. Here’s how to contribute:

  1. Request Developer access by sending email to kwright@cs.berkeley.edu . Explain in the email that you’d like to contribute code to the TinyOS contrib tree. Include your SourceForge username. If you don’t have a SourceForge username, see SourceForge for details on how to get one.
  2. If your source has a license, ensure that it is a revised BSD-style (also called Non-Copyleft) open source license. That is, your license should not require that modifiied versions of your software be free. Examples of BSD-style licenses can be found in tinyos-1.x/INTEL-LICENSE.txt (Intel Open Source license) and in the header of most TinyOS source files (the UCB license).Sometimes a project cannot use a BSD license for some reason - let us know.
  3. Create a directory in tinyos-1.x/contrib that is descriptive of your contribution. For example, ucb-routing might be a good name for routing code produced at UCB. Documentation is highly recommended.
  4. Commit your code in the standard CVS fashion. Please see SourceForge for how to use CVS.


If you have a bug report, please email the tinyos-help mailing list.

Need write access to another part of the CVS tree?

Though developers can checkout all of the tinyos modules in full, rite access (committing) to the tinyos-1.x CVS tree is restricted. If you would like write access to part of the tree other than tinyos-1.x/contrib (see above for contrib access), please email tinyos-cvsaccess at mail.millennium.berkeley.edu. As always, you can also email tinyos-help@cs.berkeley.edu if you’re wondering about whether or not you need access.

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