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February 10th, Cork, Ireland

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Getting Started
Mailing Lists

Getting Started

Downloading and installing TinyOS 2.0.
TinyOS 2.0 is an evolution of TinyOS 1.1, designed to be more robust, efficient, flexible, and simpler to port to new platforms. TinyOS 2.0 is currently in a beta2 release. Because it is newer, it does not have the same diverse library of contributions, but the underlying system itself is greatly improved. Also, as it is in a beta release, some of its abstractions might be refined slightly before the full release. TinyOS 2.0 has several forms of documentation, including tutorials and TEPs that describe its subsystems

The TinyOS FAQ contains the answers to many of the most common questions encountered when installing and using TinyOS. You can also search the tinyos-help archives, or if you cannot find your answer there, post to tinyos-help.

TinyOS Programming Manual
"TinyOS Programming" is a short manual on how to program TinyOS. It describes the features nesC adds to the C language and provides guidelines and examples of how to use them. Most of the examples are based on TinyOS 2.0, but can in many cases the principles can be applied to now defunct 1.1.

Downloading and installing TinyOS 1.1.
TinyOS 1.1 was used by thousands of developers and so has a large pool of existing contributions, which developers can use and incorporate. However, with the transition to TinyOS 2.0, many of these contributions are out-of-date, and there is active support for the TinyOS 1.1 codebase. There is a dated set of TinyOS 1.1 tutorials; some of the information is no longer correct and platforms of even 3 years ago (Telos, MicaZ) are not covered.


TinyOS Documentation Wiki
This is the primary source for posting TinyOS documentation. The wiki was started in early 2005.

TinyOS 2.0 nesdoc
The nesdoc tool outputs browsable HTML documentation from TinyOS source. This API guide for TinyOS 2.0 is online. Note that each platform has its own separate documentation. The currently supported platforms are:

TinyOS 2.0 Documentation and TinyOS Enhancement Protocols (TEPs)
Beginning with TinyOS 2.0, the design decisions behind TinyOS are documented in TEPs. You can learn much about TinyOS from the TEPS, even for versions prior to 2.0. The TEPs are kept in the TinyOS souce code repository at SourceForge, written in text, and then converted to html. The link above points to the teps directory in SourceForge under which you can find both html and text versions.

tinyos-1.x/doc Directory
There are a number of documents in the source tree under /doc that cover miscellaneous topics. We envision the information contained in the /doc directory will eventually be folded into the Wiki or into TEPs. The link above is a URL to a online copy we keep of the most recent CVS snapshot and is provided for convenience; you should refer to your own copy in tinyos-x.x/doc for version-specific differences.

Publications and Presentations
The publications and presentations page is a treasure trove of information. It contains many in-depth papers on many aspects of TinyOS. You'll also find slides from conference talks, the TinyOS Technology Exchange, and retreats.

Hardware Designs
Schematics, ORCAD files, etc., for hardware designs.

TinyOS 1.1.10 nesdoc
The nesdoc tool outputs browsable HTML documentation from TinyOS source. This API guide for TinyOS 1.1.10 is online.

Mailing Lists

List Subscribe Archives Description
tinyos Subscribe Archives Moderated announcement list. Generally release and conference announcements.
tinyos-help Subscribe Archives Help questions. Please check the mail archives or search them (below) before posting.
tinyos-devel Subscribe Archives For more advanced TinyOS developers, tinyos-devel is for proposing new ideas and changes to the core TinyOS distribution. For the most part, people who have write access to the CVS repository.
tinyos-commits Subscribe Archives Receive-only. Receive log messages for the tinyos-1.x source tree changes.
tinyos-beta Subscribe Archives Receive-only. Receive log messages for the tinyos-1.x/beta source tree changes.
tinyos-contrib-commits Subscribe Archives Receive-only. Receive log messages for the tinyos-1.x/contrib source tree changes.
tinyos-2-commits Subscribe Archives Receive-only. Receive log messages for the tinyos-2.x source tree changes.

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If you suspect a bug, please report it to our SourceForge Bug Database. It is most helpful if you provide as much detail as possible and include a patch if you have one.

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