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February 10th, Cork, Ireland

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TinyOS 2.0 Core Working Group
Last modified: July 12, 2006


Phil Levis <pal at cs.stanford.edu>

Group-maintained Web Site


Mailing Lists

Internal Working Group Discussion: tinyos-2.0wg at mail.millennium.berkeley.edu
tinyos-2.0wg is open only to wg members but the list archives are publically accessible; see link below.

Public Discussion/Comment: tinyos-devel at mail.millennium.berkeley.edu
You can join tinyos-devel here.

Archives: http://mail.millennium.berkeley.edu/pipermail/tinyos-2.0wg/


The TinyOS 2.0 Core Working Group (core) decides what abstractions, services, and interfaces are in the TinyOS 2.0 core system, developing reference implementations when needed. While the core WG focuses on the hardware independent interfaces to hardware-specific abstractions (the basic OS services), it sometimes also addresses basic abstractions that many systems might use, such as data structures.

Related Working Groups

TinyOS 1.2 Working Group
TinyOS Host Mote Working Group

Relevant TinyOS Enhancement Proposals (TEPs)

Draft TEPs can be found in the tinyos CVS tree at sourceforge in tinyos-2.x/doc/html. The TEPs are linked below for convenience.

TEP Title Type Status Working Group
TEP 1 TEP Format BCP Draft Core
TEP 2 Hardware Abstraction BCP Draft Core
TEP 3 Coding Convention BCP Draft Core
TEP 101 Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) Doc Draft Core
TEP 102 Timers Doc Draft Core
TEP 103 Non-volatile Storage Doc Draft Core
TEP 106 Tasks and Schedulers Doc Draft Core
TEP 107 Boot Sequence Doc Draft Core
TEP 108 Resource Arbitration Doc Draft Core
TEP 109 Sensorboards Doc Draft Core
TEP 110 Service Distributions Doc Draft Core
TEP 111 Message Buffer Abstraction Doc Draft Core
TEP 112 Power Management Doc Draft Core
TEP 113 Serial Communication Doc Draft TinyOS Host-Mote
TEP 114 SIDs: Source and Sink Independent Drivers Doc Draft Core
TEP 115 Power Management of Non-Virtualized Devices Doc Draft Core
TEP 116 Packet Protocols Doc Draft Core
TEP 117 Pins and Buses Doc Draft Core
TEP 122 IEEE EUI-64 Unique Node Identifier Doc Draft Core
TEP 125 802.15.4 Frames/td> Doc Draft Core
TEP 126 CC2420 Radio Stack Doc Draft Core

Meeting Notes

These notes are in the mailing list archives.

09/08/2004: Initial meeting
09/15/2004: ADC (Vlado Handziski)
09/22/2004: Timers (Cory Sharp) / NesC 1.2 (David Gay)
09/29/2004: PEP-like infrastructure for TinyOS (Vlado Handziski) / Storage (Jonathan Hui)
10/06/2004: No meeting scheduled
10/13/2004: TEP-1 (Phil Levis) / Link-layer (Joe Polastre/TU-Berlin)
10/20/2004: TEP-1 (Phil Levis) / Timers II (Cory Sharp)
10/27/2004: OSKI (Phil Levis)
11/03/2004: No meeting scheduled
11/10/2004: Meeting cancelled
11/17/2004: Defining the 1.2 and 2.0 Releases
11/24/2004: No meeting scheduled
12/01/2004: Network types (David Gay)
12/08/2004: Implementation status
12/15/2004: TTX Presentation Plan / 2.0 Schedule & Status
12/22/2004: No meeting scheduled
12/29/2004: No meeting scheduled
01/05/2005: Status, 1.2 Working Group, TinyOS Structure
01/12/2005: No meeting scheduled
01/19/2005: Mailing list access, Status
01/24/2005: Status, Coding Conventions
01/26/2005: Meeting moved to 1/24
02/02/2005: Bus discussion at EWSN 2005 (Bus Subgroup Meeting)
02/09/2005: Istanbus report/future steps; source code license issues; TTX presentations
02/15/2005: Coding conventions (TEP-3), Resource sharing, ADC TEP (notes from public discussion), 2.0 Paper in SOSP?
02/23/2005: Toolchain update, General status reports
03/02/2005: No Meeting Scheduled
03/09/2005: Resource Sharing subgroup, Task list
03/16/2005: Status reports, licensing issues, gateway interface
03/23/2005: Finish 3/9 to-do list, Outstanding TEPS: resource reservation/ADC/Timer
03/30/2005: Status, 1.9 Timeline
04/06/2005: No Meeting Scheduled
04/13/2005: Unique 2.0 platform ports, reservation/queueing components, sensorboard TEP, status
04/20/2005: Planning for 1.9 (now 'pre2.0'), status
04/27/2005: TEP 108 (Resource Reservation), status
05/04/2005: Meeting Cancelled
05/11/2005: ADC Conversion (TEP101), Sensorboard (TEP109), issues arising from implementation
05/18/2005: Status, pre2 release planning
05/25/2005: ADC Update, AM-layer issues
06/01/2005: AM-layer issues
06/08/2005: NesC packages
06/15/2005: Meeting Cancelled
06/22/2005: Status, OSKI/message_t
06/29/2005: Status, OSKI/message_t, TEP status, TEP109 (Sensorboard)
07/06/2005: Timers, Status
07/13/2005: Status, Timers
07/20/2005: UART Protocol, Status
07/27/2005: Tools Release, Pre2 Release
08/03/2005: Status of: Timer TEP, Serial, Tools
08/10/2005: Pre2 Release, Post-Pre2 direction
08/17/2005: Pre2 Release, Pre2.1 direction, Power Management
08/24/2005: Pre2 Release status (again), Power management (again)
08/31/2005: Status, Power Mgt (yet again)
09/07/2005: CC2420 stack/SPI, NSDI, Power management   Notes 2
09/14/2005: Power Management (TEP112)
09/21/2005: Serial Communication (TEP 113), Pre2-release2 tasks, TEP finalization process
09/28/2005: Power Management, Group's tasklist
10/05/2005: Power Management, Group's tasklist task list, SPI bus summary, Non-CPU Power Mgt
10/12/2005: Task Division (again), Managing Development
10/19/2005: NSDI, Collaboration Policy
10/26/2005: Pre-sensys release, resource interface change, license issues
11/02/2005: No meeting scheduled
11/09/2005: TinyOS Technology Exchange (TTX) planning, non-MCU power management, devices interface
11/16/2005: License issues, TEP evolution, Starting new working groups, TTX release planning
11/23/2005: Net2 Working Group Status Arbiter, TTX 2.0 Release Tasks, Subsystem Owners
11/30/2005: Arbiters/Pwr Mgt, SP
12/07/2005: Resource arbiters, Device interface, Timers
12/14/2005: Status, SID TEP, Timer TEP, Resource/Arbiters
12/21/2005: Status, SID, Resource/Arbiter, Timer, Storage
12/28/2005: No Meeting Scheduled
01/04/2006: Wiring Checks, Storage Volumes, Virtualised Services, SPIByte Error-checking
01/11/2006: Status (code,doc), Virtualization, Storage Volumes, Code-freeze date, Contrib Policy
01/18/2006: AM Virtualisation, Release planning
01/25/2006: Status, Release Planning, TTX
02/01/2006: Status, Release Planning, TTX (again)
02/08/2006: RPMs, TTX demo, post TTX work

Additional notes can be found on the WG page: http://tinyos.stanford.edu:8000/TinyOS_2.x_WG

Comments are owned by the Poster. The Rest 2004 UC Berkeley.

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